Knoebels Amusement Resort - Photo Journal

Elysburg, Pennsylvania – Saturday, July 14th, 2012

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2 comments to Knoebels Amusement Resort – Photo Journal

  • Steve

    Nice review. I was there on a really nice Fall Sunday in 2012. Thanks for the photos of the Carousel Museum. I missed that when I was there, I’ll have to make sure I find it next time. I really enjoyed the park also. The sky ride wasn’t as happy as the one at Lake Compounce perhaps because it’s missing a Boulder Dash as you pointed out. My favorite thing was their Fascination, I wouldn’t mind crossing over to the other side mesmerized by the sound of those little rubber balls softly bouncing between the wood and plexiglass. I’m surprised you had no comment on the pricing structure the park uses. It’s fascinating in it’s own right. Free admission but All day wrist band for rides not including roller coasters, hand stamp for roller coasters, tickets for rides that do not accept wrist band or hand stamp, ticket for rides that do not accept the kind of ticket you purchased and cash only for attractions that do not accept either kind of ticket, wristband, or hand stamp. And tickets required for non-riders. I thought that was fun. I didn’t uncover the key for the snap on the flyers either but I did manage to just keep the flyer up flying high along the trees, which I preferred but never have seen anyone else do, I felt like was a defying some law of flyer physics. Those things are fun. I hope to go back there sometime.

  • Looks like you stayed in something like a Hyatt Place. Very simply put, the cost of consumer goods has fallen enough at this point that rooms like you’ll see at a Springhill Suites or Hyatt Place are actually affordable to the average person travelling. For a more basic room (and probably more chances for hookers/meth labs in adjoining rooms) there’s plenty of non-chain motels off the grid in cities like this who don’t do e-booking and might be cheaper, but they’re pits.

    Realistically, if you’re in a position of travelling and can only afford $40 instead of $60, the place that’s charging $40 can be hell on earth and you’re not going to have an alternative.

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