Jun. 26 – Today’s two-part update finishes the Shanghai Disneyland series, with Adventure Isle (it’s very good!) and a conclusion with the nighttime spectacular (it’s very much!). Not 100% sure when or even what the next update will bring, but I’m looking forward to regular updates being kind of a regular thing again, so hopefully we’ll know before long. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter for more useless opinions.

Jun. 17 – Today’s update is a great example of how this combined photos and text format can let me revert back and forth from simple photo sharing to a much longer, in-depth essay if there’s a particular topic that warrants it. Yes, there’s definitely one attraction that’s going to need a lot more analysis than everything else in Shanghai Disneyland, and you probably guessed it… Pintel & Ragetti’s Grub to Grab. Enjoy!

May 31 – Fantasyland at Shanghai Disneyland now marks three updates in the same month, just like old times. Thanks to the new format, it’s also now the longest update on this entire site, measured in page length, not word count. Even still, this is a pretty substantial update to read through, so make sure you have a few minutes before clicking the link below. Shanghai Disneyland is a big park with lots to talk about; I’d expect future posts in this new format to be a bit more fleet. Treasure Cove with Battle for the Sunken Treasure is coming next, though perhaps slightly longer than the interval between the last two updates.

May 22 – New update! Shanghai Disneyland! Tomorrowland! More to come! Soon!

May 14 – Slowly getting back in the groove. This update I wanted to try something new. I’m about to dive into covering my giant Asian expedition from 2011, but part of the issue that held me back from doing it for so long was that I didn’t know the best format to do it with. Today I’m experimenting with (yet another) new format which I’m going to try to use for Asia, which combines my traditional essay format with the photo journal format, so that if there a topic I want to write a more in-depth narrative for, I can, but then switch to full-sized photos with minimal or no captions for other sections where I’d prefer the images to primarily tell the story instead. So far it seems to work well, and now that I’ve got a workflow for this new format ironed out, I’m looking forward to new updates coming more frequently than once every six months.

Even better, let’s have an update with something more recent before jumping back into the time machine. I was lucky to get to do two days of Shanghai Disneyland last fall, and after contemplating it, it seemed rather strange to me that I’d spend a significant amount of time writing updates for park visits that happened six years ago when I’m sure Shanghai Disneyland would be of much greater interest for people still reading this site in 2017. This first part is just an introduction and tour through the entry zones, but I’ve already started on the next section which should be posted extremely soon (extremely being relative, of course).

Nov. 19 – Sometimes the world needs to begin its slow destruction to remind you to finish those things you always intended to do, before it’s too late. One of those things was to write about Shivering Timbers, a ride I think in the abstract is great for many reasons, yet also one that I have a long personal connection with, which had always made it hard to properly write about. Now with some more distance, I hope I finally did it justice.

More to come later. Maybe much later. But this site still isn’t dead yet. In the meantime, please enjoy my first full essay since 2012 devoted to analyzing a single ride:

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