Feb 18 – This is a theme park you probably haven’t heard of. In fact, doing a quick survey of the web, this may be the very first photo report ever taken at this unique indoor theme park that opened in 2015 (in English language at least). It’s got a weird custom Maurer spinning coaster, a big interactive dark ride, and some other odds and ends. Next update I’ll jump much further back in time to finally cover my massive Asia trip in 2011.

Jan 13 – There’s a pretty good chance you’ve never even heard of Harbin before. However, this post is very special. Not only was it my first chance to visit my wife’s hometown, but it was also my first chance to see a themed entertainment project I personally worked on in the real world. Plus lots of other interesting sights and observations from this city in China’s far northern frontier.

Aug 19 – I ended up covering even more from my relatively recent (still slightly less than a year ago!) trip to China. First, culture from Beijing and the Forbidden City, then coasters from Happy Valley Beijing. My hope that the photo journal format would be easier to publish so far hasn’t quite panned out, as it turns out I take a ton of photos when I’m traveling (who knew?) and it’s still a lot of effort to sort and post them all here. Combined, this is one very long update. Enjoy!

Jun 26 – Today’s two-part update finishes the Shanghai Disneyland series, with Adventure Isle (it’s very good!) and a conclusion with the nighttime spectacular (it’s very much!). Not 100% sure when or even what the next update will bring, but I’m looking forward to regular updates being kind of a regular thing again, so hopefully we’ll know before long. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter for more useless opinions.

Jun 17 – Today’s update is a great example of how this combined photos and text format can let me revert back and forth from simple photo sharing to a much longer, in-depth essay if there’s a particular topic that warrants it. Yes, there’s definitely one attraction that’s going to need a lot more analysis than everything else in Shanghai Disneyland, and you probably guessed it… Pintel & Ragetti’s Grub to Grab. Enjoy!

May 31 – Fantasyland at Shanghai Disneyland now marks three updates in the same month, just like old times. Thanks to the new format, it’s also now the longest update on this entire site, measured in page length, not word count. Even still, this is a pretty substantial update to read through, so make sure you have a few minutes before clicking the link below. Shanghai Disneyland is a big park with lots to talk about; I’d expect future posts in this new format to be a bit more fleet. Treasure Cove with Battle for the Sunken Treasure is coming next, though perhaps slightly longer than the interval between the last two updates.

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