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Roller Coaster Philosophy aims to create the best written reviews, opinions and commentary about parks, coasters and related attractions in the entire world. Aside from the comments section, everything on this website belongs to the sole authorship of one person (see bottom). Numerous parks in North America, Europe and Asia are featured, as well as additional stories and observations from world travel, plus numerous other essays, fiction, short films and movie reviews, and a selection of NoLimits tracks free for download.

The domain name for Roller Coaster Philosophy was purchased in May of 2009, although it didn’t evolve into a finished format from the basic WordPress design until several months later. Ideas for a website started a year earlier in 2008 when I was writing reports for the now-defunct and decided I ought to get my own platform to share my work. Some of those old reports from that site can now be found here, most notably my review of the also now-defunct Hard Rock Park. The goal was to create the in-depth, critical coaster and amusement park review website I always wanted to read but could never find the address for.

The screaming face on the top of every page is the 21st Century Schizoid Man from King Crimson’s debut album In the Court of the Crimson King. I always looked at that art and visualized him riding a roller coaster. However the expression does not suggest a response to some external fear but from some madness originating from within, which I think is representative of how one can respond to a really good coaster.

These pages are formatted using Firefox on a screen resolution greater than 1024 px wide. The pictures are simply embedded into the html and different browsers/resolutions can throw off the formatting of some pages, although based on my testing they should display as intended for Firefox, IE and Chrome users. It is created using the WordPress blogging platform and uses the theme Atahualpa by BytesForAll.

The Author

I call myself Jeremy Thompson. I am from northern Michigan and I attended Michigan State University where I received double degrees in philosophy and business management. Currently I have been on 662 different roller coasters at 169 parks between 17 countries. My home parks are Michigan’s Adventure and Cedar Point, which I have visited every year since 1994 and 1995, respectively. I am also an avid cinema-goer, having seen over 1000 movies and counting every day. I enjoy listening to progressive/avant/RIO rock groups such as King Crimson, Henry Cow, and Thinking Plague.

As much as I enjoy writing about coaster and parks in my free time, my long term goals are much more ambitious.

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All photos on this site were taken by myself or occasionally a family member unless otherwise stated.