Hard Rock Park – Introduction

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Hard Rock Park – All Access Entry Plaza

…In every nook and corner there is no question: you could only be at Hard Rock Park.

Hard Rock Park – Cool Country

…If there ever was such a thing as a Must Ride three-star coaster, this is it.

Hard Rock Park – Born in the USA

…The FunkyTown Midway features some interesting spins on classic games, most notably the devilishly amusing Whac-A-Boy-Band.

Hard Rock Park – Lost in the 70’s

…What about Bump ‘n’ Slam, the Punk vs. Disco bumper cars? Completely lost, apparently.

Hard Rock Park – British Invasion

…I find that most dark rides that try to have some sort of literal story usually fail, because let’s face it: they’re created by people in the amusement industry, not the Coen Brothers.

Hard Rock Park – Rock & Roll Heaven

…There, laid out in front below you is Zeppelin’s imposing first act, a tangle of vertical loops, cobra rolls and zero-g twists, with nothing but a bottomless, 150ft. drop between you.

Hard Rock Park – The Park After Dark

…It’s not the biggest or the most sophisticated of shows, in fact it relies on pretty much four basic elements: fireworks, water fountains, a few lasers and (of course) Queen.

Hard Rock Park – Concluding Thoughts

…Now the big question: do I recommend Hard Rock Park?

Hard Rock Park – One Year Later…

One Year Later...